Learning the ukulele

Year 6 have been lucky enough to have ukulele lessons this term. A ukulele is an instrument with only 4 strings. Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons so far and have learnt so much already. Some children have even bought their own ukuleles so that they can continue to learn at home. What have you learnt so far in ukulele sessions? Which activities have you enjoyed the most?


Sports Day

Our Sports Day was held last week. Although we could not all be winners in every event, everyone’s attitude and effort meant that we all won and had a great morning. Congratulations to everyone for their enthusiasm and team work – the support for our fellow students was excellent.

The teachers also got involved in the competitive spirit – congratulations to the Year Four staff for their victory.

The Hooper Learning Resource Centre

State of the art technology has come to QPA.

Last week, our previous C.E.O., Mr Hooper, opened our brand new resource centre. There are brand new computers, that can magically disappear into the tables. We also have a brand new library which is being freshly stocked. What a centre of knowledge we now have. Our students will benefit in so many ways.


We’ve worked hard on these. Can anyone write a sentence with a semi-colon used accurately? Can you really push yourself and write two sentences showing different uses for a semi-colon?