Activity week

Whilst the children are at Osmington Bay, we have been having ‘Activity Week’ at QPA. But what have we been doing?

27 thoughts on “Activity week

    1. Sounds really fun! We did kayaking in the rain and got soaked! Then we did wacky races where we had to walk like a zombie and pretend to be a chicken! it was really fun!

  1. Our activity week was very fun and we did lots of exciting things. I think that Paultons Park was the best thing we did . What do you think was the best thing you did at PGL?

  2. On Friday, when you were all at Paulton’s Park, Sam, Jack M, Kayley and I had the best ”learning” day ever!

  3. On Friday, we went to Paulton’s Park! I was in Mr Vernon’s group along with: Connor, John, Amiee, Minnie, Arabella and Holly. We had a great time!

  4. I enjoyed activity week; the best part was when we visited to Paulton’s Park because there were so many thrilling rides

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