We’ve worked hard on these. Can anyone write a sentence with a semi-colon used accurately? Can you really push yourself and write two sentences showing different uses for a semi-colon?

16 thoughts on “Semi-colons

  1. I’ve got a semi-colon sentence, in fact two.
    1. The girl enjoyed her dinner; it was delicious.
    2. The girl went shopping and bought a pink hairbrush; a bag of sour sweets; a white roll of toilet paper and a chocolate cake.

  2. My graffiti was really good last week; it was the best piece of art I’ve ever done. I hope I get to put it in my art book.

  3. I love chocolate ; it’s delicious. I bought lots in the shop: Walker’s ready-salted crisps; strawberry and white-chocolate flavoured ice cream; a black-brindle French bull dog; and an awesome yellow surfboard.

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