The Hooper Learning Resource Centre

State of the art technology has come to QPA.

Last week, our previous C.E.O., Mr Hooper, opened our brand new resource centre. There are brand new computers, that can magically disappear into the tables. We also have a brand new library which is being freshly stocked. What a centre of knowledge we now have. Our students will benefit in so many ways.

38 thoughts on “The Hooper Learning Resource Centre

  1. Yes I find the new resource centre very helpful. It’s very helpful with coastal features and projects.

  2. We are enjoying this new Hooper Learning Resource Centre. It is really amazing and it is very helpful.

  3. I think Mr Hooper should have something as great as this dedicated to him-he deserves it. I really hope that Year 6 can use it for their new topic (rivers and coasts).

  4. I love using the resource centre to learn and have fun! It is very modern and it helps us a lot with our work and topics! I hope to use it a lot before we all move onto secondary school.

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