82 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Personally I think that graffiti is fine as long as it is appropriate and you are not vandalising personal property.

  2. I think that graffiti is amazing but only if it is creative and the artist has permission to do it. If it is rude, illegal or hurtful I totally disagree with it.

  3. I think that graffiti is a good piece of art as long as the artist’s got the owner’s permission and it has no offensive words.

  4. I think it depends on what the graffiti’s on. When it’s one of those metal things that are put over shops when it’s closed or a desolate wall, it should be OK. However, when it’s on a Roman wall that’s over a thousand years old, it should be vandalism. Trust me, there’s lots of graffiti in Rome.

  5. Graffiti (in my opinion) should be thought of a good thing rather than being shamed upon. Graffiti expresses emotions that the person doing it would not say in any other form. If the person doing graffiti intends for it to be vandalism then the council should definitely remove them. However, if it doesn’t contain anything rude or offensive, then is should stay – assuming the property owner has given them permission.

  6. The word ‘graffiti’ is known as a act of vandalism yet I call that picture art, not a crime, a piece of art work.

  7. This piece of graffiti art work looks very unique, different and detailed. I think there is an interesting story behind it.

      1. Maybe but I have questions. Why is she lying on a sheet of cloth? Why is a bird in the room? How did the bird get there? I need help please!

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