We are nearly at the end of Year Six’s time at Q.P.A. and I’d like to know your feelings and memories. What do you remember about your time at the school? What have you learned? Are you ready for the next step?


24 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Even though I only joined QPA in Year Five, I am really going to miss all my teachers and all my friends here.

  2. I am extremely excited about graduation but I seriously don’t want to leave this school. There will probably be tears on Wednesday. Will we be getting books for our friends to sign?

  3. I’m so exited for graduation but I’m going to miss my friends so much! The summer holidays aren’t going to be the same.

  4. It is going to be really sad at graduation and on Wednesday, I’m really excited to go to my new school but it’s going to feel really weird not being in the same school as most of the people I grew up with! My best friend is going to a different school which is really sad too.

  5. Hi, this is so cool to look back on what i have put. This is so cool. I now go to BSG, and i enjoy it, however i do obviously miss QPA!

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