New tech

We have had a delivery today of brand new tablets for the children to use. These will be registered and ready for deployment next term. Many thanks to the PTA for supporting the school through their hard work and dedication to enable resources such as these.


The word ‘determiner’ was introduced to the primary curriculum last year. This class of words relate directly to nouns but are not adjectives – they ‘determine’ the noun.

There are four main types of determiner:

  1. Quantifiers – any number or amount before a noun, e.g. three chairs, many books, few people
  2. Articles – the articles are a, an and the
  3. Demonstratives – this, that, those, which…
  4. Possessives – ours, my, your, their…

We teach the pupils to identify determiners by finding the noun, investigating which words relate to the noun and then disregarding any adjectives.

Thought of the week

This week’s thought is about mindfulness, from the pen of J.K. Rowing. We shall be following on from this thought in next week’s assembly when we will learn more about this author, as well as resilience and grit. 

Embedded clauses

Embedded clauses are clauses that are added into the middle of a sentence. They are different to parenthesis (see previous post) as they require a subject and a verb.

No embedded clause

Fran went to Paris on her holidays.

Embedded clause

Fran went to Paris, where she had never been before, on her holidays.