Road safety

A huge thank you to our parents and volunteers who have been helping Year Four pupils learn about staying safe around roads. They have practically guided our children with care and attention and the support is very much appreciated.

Toy swap

Many thanks for the many donations that we have received for our charity toy swap. This event was was organised by the school council to raise money for the ‘Save the Children’ charity.

The toy shop will be visited by the children over the course of tomorrow. Each toy can be bought for £1 and all proceeds will go straight to the Save The Children charity.

We welcome further toy donations tomorrow morning!



Over the last two weeks we have reinforced with the children our anti-bullying message. We encourage our pupils to identify any repeated negative actions towards them (‘Several Times On Purpose = S.T.O.P.) and seek help immediately if they are unhappy about the conduct of others (‘Speak Out Straightaway’ = ‘S.O.S.’).

We have also reminded children of our postboxes where they can report any worries that they have. These boxes are emptied daily and relevant interventions put in place.


Life Education

We have had the pleasure of welcoming the Life Education team this week. The children responded brilliantly to these sessions, engaging in the activities provided and discussing key themes thoughtfully. Year 3 ‘met the brain’, Year 4’s theme was ‘It’s Great To Be Me’, Year 5’s sessions centred around friendship and Year 6’s topic was ‘Decisions’.

Heads and Deputies

Congratulations to our new Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. This year’s selection process required the children to write a letter of interest in the positions, before attending a short interview with Mrs Williams and Mrs Taylor. Everyone who applied for the roles should be extremely proud of themselves; it was incredibly hard to pick from the range of amazing applicants putting themselves forward.