Year 6 began learning how to play the ukulele today with Mr Palmer from Soundstorm. This unit will run during the next half term, culminating in a year group performance.


Nearly there…

The new adventure play trail is nearly ready to be reopened following additional work this week. We are now only waiting for one bridge to be installed and new safety bark to be laid before the grand re-opening on Monday 24th June. Many thanks to everyone for their kind donations towards this equipment through the sponsored maths challenge.


Go With The Flow!

As part of their Flow topic, our Year Three pupils are investigating the River Stour. They are surveying the river habitat, dipping in the river and examining its contents and observing local wildlife.

Each class is participating on a different day – today is 3C’s turn!


Maths Challenge

Our Maths Challenge is well under way, with the children puzzling their way around the bases set. Please can all sponsorship money be brought into school before we close for the half term break, next Friday 24th May. All donations will contribute to the completion of the new adventure play trail.

Reading Game

The QPA reading game commenced today, with many classes taking their first steps onto the board. Prizes will be awarded when classes reach certain points on the board as a result of the reading that they complete during the week. Who will be first to a prize space?

reading game.png