Year 4 Poetry Challenge

Year 4 have been challenged to write poems about a Viking. Mr Fidge wrote the poem below about a gardener and challenged the Year 4 pupils to use the same pattern. Can you see the pattern in each line?
I wonder who will be the first to post their poem in the comments? I wonder if anyone can write two different poems using the same pattern?
untitledy4 poetry blog

4 thoughts on “Year 4 Poetry Challenge

  1. The Viking’s large spade was like a rock’s weight
    His long,thin legs were as stiff as metal
    The young Viking stared at the calm, blue ocean
    Peacefully listening for a noise
    The overjoyed Viking saw something brown as familiar as a longship
    Slowly moving in the water
    He gasped,he laughed,he sped of……..

    written by Reem

  2. The Viking by Toby 4C

    The Viking’s helmet glinted like a crown,
    His sharp, iron sword was as heavy as a boulder.
    The scary ferocious Viking finished his big longhouse,
    Slowly removing splinters.
    The Viking saw a diamond sword which was as shiny as chrome.
    Swiftly walking into his house,
    He twitched, he ran and grabbed his shield as someone was behind him.

  3. Great choice of words Toby – your poem is really effective! Quick question – does it work better with or without ‘as someone was behind him’ at the end? What do you think?

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