Bonnie’s Story

“5,6,7,8,9…” called Beth’s voice from outside. Amy was playing Hide and Seek, her 6-year old sister had suggested it. The Clifton’s house was huge since Amy’s father had sold that expensive crown they found in the attic at their old house. “10!” shouted Beth. Amy jumped into the laundry basket, shoving clothes on top of her. Strangely, the basket seemed bigger on the inside than on the outside. She dived down: now she knew this wasn’t a normal laundry basket. The basket turned into a large room full of jewels. Then, Amy noticed something crazy. A fat, ginger man was sitting on a huge, red throne in the middle of the room. It could only be one person – Henry VIII. She was sure of it! At school, her class had had a whole topic on it. Henry VIII: the ginger man who ate too much and became fat. But it was not possible! She walked over to one of the servants who was carrying grapes over to the king.

“Excuse me?” asked Amy. There was no reply. Amy tapped her, shouting, “EXCUSE ME?” Still no reply. Amy realised that she was not being seen or heard. It was almost as if she didn’t exist. It was then that she realised the second big thing: her dad had sold the crown and it looked like the one in front of her. This must mean that her family were…royal? She looked up. The laundry basket was gone. She was stuck. This had to be some sort of punishment for selling the crown. It was cool that she could walk around the palace without being noticed but she needed to get out. Suddenly, a man (who looked like her dad) rushed over to her.
“Miss! Are you a member of the Clifton family?” he shouted.
“Yes,” Amy said slowly. Then she noticed something strange. He could see her. Immediately, she said, “Wait, you can see me?”

“Yes, I can. My name is Harrison Clifton. I too, am stuck in here. I need your help to get out,” he said.
“But you’re my….Grandad?” she said.
“Yes, I am. Amy Clifton?” he said.
“Now, hurry up. We need to get that crown!”
“Why haven’t you got it yet?! We’re invisible aren’t we?” whispered Amy, while running towards the crown.
“You don’t need to whisper you know,” said Harrison. Despite this comment, his voice went a bit quieter. “I lack the courage”.
“Won’t he notice it’s gone?”
“No, it will replace itself. You see, we have gone back in time. It will be visible in this time and in 2020.”

While talking, she took it off Henry’s head.  Quickly, a new crown appeared on the king’s head.  “Wow” muttered Amy.

She ran back with the crown to where the laundry basket was. Out of nowhere, a blinding light poured on the area that the two people were standing on. After that everything went black for Amy. And you can probably guess why. She was back in the laundry basket! Amy didn’t realise this immediately and sat there for a few minutes. But eventually, she realised and pushed the clothes off her head. Of course, her siblings were calling her name.

“Amy!” shouted Beth “AMY!!!!!” shouted her mum.
“I’m here!” shouted Amy. They all ran towards her.
“Where were you?! “ they both said.
“It doesn’t matter. It’s sorted”.

Now you’re probably wondering what happened to Harrison, Amy’s grandad. Well, now he lives with the Clifton family. No one has tried to get back into the laundry basket since.

Well done Bonnie, what a fantastic story!

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