Awesome Egyptians

Yesterday and today, Year 5 took part in their Wow day for the new topic: Awesome Egyptians. Children had the opportunity to watch the theatrical production of ‘The Curse of the Mummy’ and created 3D Egyptian artefacts.

All the children loved learning about the process of mummification and how gruesome the Egyptians were. They then had the opportunity to see the mummification process in real life and created their own mummified tomatoes. We will be observing what happens to the tomatoes next week.

New Term Display Writing

As it is a new term, that means new writing displays going up across the school. Year 3 have been working really hard with writing setting descriptions about Charlie Bucket’s house from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have worked really hard to create some fantastic writing. Watch this space to see work from Years 4, 5 and 6!

Multi-Skills Club

Yesterday was the start of our after-school, enrichment clubs. Children from 3G took part in their first Multi-Skills sport session with Mr Bayston. From the screeches of joy on the playground, we could see that they were all having the most amazing time in the sunshine!!

Terrific Tremors

Year 4 had a wonderful Wow day immersing themselves in learning about their new topic, Tremors. The children created their own volcanoes using clay. Professor Southgate taught the children how to mix substances to create lava and there were many squeals of delight as the lava rose and poured over the sides of the volcano. The children also created explosive volcano paintings in the style of Nick Rowland. They learned how to use different techniques and colours to create the dramatic effect. What a fantastic Wow day!

Get Ready to Read!

Books, books and more books filled the hall today. All the books from across the school have been gathered together so that they can be banded, checked and redistributed across the classes. Have fun reading, everybody!

Year 4 Djembe Drumming

The children in Year 4 have started to learn how to play the Djembe drums this half term. They have been learning the basic skills of how to place their hand correctly in the drum and how to move their arms.

The children will be learning this skill for the next few weeks, using different sized drums to expand their knowledge and skills with this instrument.

Even though this is their first week, the children have been very enthusiastic with their learning and they sound fantastic!

Return of after school clubs

A small step towards the normal running of school happened today with letters going out to parents of Year 3 children about after school clubs. We are starting with Year 3 children this term and monitoring how this goes. Hopefully, we will see the return of after school clubs for more of our year groups soon.

Summer Term

Welcome back to all of our QPA pupils and parents/carers! It has been so lovely to see your smiling faces and smart uniforms today and hear about all of the exciting things that you have done in the Easter break.

Year 3 Wow Day

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Wow day today, linked to their topic ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’. The highlight was decorating their own vests to show the digestive system and then creating ‘poo’ in the classroom!