Year 6 Victorian WOW Day

Year 6 have had a fabulous WOW day today immersing themselves in the Victorian era. The children blew us away with the effort that had gone into their Victorian costumes. We had suffragettes, chimney sweeps, maids, children from the work house and even masters and some ladies!

Throughout the day, the children completed a range of activities to develop their understanding of this very important time in British history. They created Queen Victoria pictures made up of facts about the time and traditional silhouette portraits. To end the day, the children watched a Hobgoblin performance of Workhouse Boy.

Year 4 Topic

Year 4 have produced some fantastic work linked to their topic, ‘Tremors.’ They have produced some beautiful collages using vibrant colours, in the style of Andy Warhol. The have also learned about fossil formation and different types of rocks in their Science lessons.

Reading Recommendations

This week’s Celebration assembly was the first time we shared some of our book recommendations. Mrs Rowe recommends Harry Potter and Mrs Williams recommends Jack Stalwart: Secret Agent. We also have recommendations from Megan in Y6 and Farshtia in Y5:

The Heeby Jeeby by Adam

Today, one of our Year 3 children shared an amazing story that they had written at home. He was thrilled at the prospect of being an author for his very own book. Look at the great vocabulary choices that he has used in his very amusing first ever book! Well done Adam.

Here is a snippet of Adam’s story

Chapter 1

“Hello Cookie,” I said. I stroked her and then I thought I was in another planet (it was actually the attic). “It’s so dusty in here.”

Chapter 2

When I found an exit, I saw a sign that said, “Beware! Danger approaching.” Suddenly, a crocodile snapped at my leg and lured me into a weird room with a lot of stuff in it (the garage).


Year 3 have had a very enjoyable day learning about all things scrumptious! After reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children designed their own chocolate room and had the opportunity to taste chocolate. The children especially enjoyed designing and creating their own delicious crispy cakes. We hope that you enjoy these at home.

Display Writing.

It has been lovely to walk around the school this week, to see all of the displays in our corridors being changed. These displays show some very high-quality examples of writing. Here is a picture of one of the display boards in the Year 4 corridor so everybody at home can see your wonderful work.

The Book Fairy.

The Book Fairy has delivered a very special gift to QPA. The Hold Still book arrived with a letter from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, explaining all about this magnificent gift. Inside, it contains a range of amazing pictures showing life through lockdown.