QPA Sports Day

Although our Sports Day this year is very different to what we had planned and hoped for, the children have thoroughly enjoyed competing in houses to earn house points and potentially the highly regarded House Cup.

A range of events were set up in the playground for the children to apply the different skills that they have learned throughout the year in P.E lessons.

All children participated showing respect and sportsmanship to one another. Well done to everyone for your enthusiasm and encouragement towards each other.

Keep an eye out on the blog as we will be posting all the results here.

Sport Equipment Delivery

Mr Bayston has been busy… Today, we received an amazing selection of sports equipment.

All of this fantastic equipment has been purchased due to a grant that Mr Bayston successfully applied for. We are looking forward to using the equipment in our P.E lessons. Good work Mr Bayston!

The Book Fairies Strike Again

Today, we had a lovely surprise delivery from The Book Fairies. We now have a copy of the ‘Shoe Wars’ by Liz Pichon to add to our library collection for the children to enjoy. Thank you so much to our book fairy!

Read the blurb and see whether you might like to read it…

One vile villain. Two courageous children. The gadget- packed shoes of your EPIC dreams. Welcome to Shoe Town, where Wendy Wedge runs the show. She’ll do ANYTHING to win the glitzy Golden Shoe Award and knows that entering flying shoes is her hot ticket to the trophy. Flying shoes that brother and sister Bear and Ruby Foot just HAPPEN to be hiding… This can only mean one thing.


Y6 Topic

Some great learning experiences have been taking place in Year 6 this week. Pupils have designed and made lighthouses as part of their Design and Technology. In Science, pupils have dissected owl pellets as part of their ‘Darwin’s Delights’ topic. They have looked at owl adaptations and identified prey that the owls may have eaten.