What do you think about this story introduction? What do you think might happen next?

With caution, I got up off of the rough surface and onto my feet to witness a shocking sight before my eyes. A cobbled, stone floor – with rubbish scattered over it – stretched out as far as I could see. Very few people were in the alleyway and those that were boldly strolling around were very smartly dressed. Despite the flickering lampposts that littered the street, little light coursed through the smog. Misty fog wrapped itself around my body as if it was trying to devour me. Dilapidated, wrecked houses beside the cobbles called out for repair. Some houses were being barricaded by men. The eerie atmosphere hung in the air like a child not wanting to leave its mother. A spine-chilling feeling ran down my body: I felt like I was being followed. Light had been forced out. The ghost-like darkness, which made me feel uneasy, could be seen everywhere. Where was I?


by Callum

Hengistbury Head

Yesterday, year 6 visited Hengistbury Head as part of our U.K. and coasts topic. We looked at the longshore drift at the beach and identified coastal defences put in place. We pointed out local landmarks and investigated the geology and erosion of the cliff. In addition, we explored the visitor centre. What was your favourite activity? What did you learn?

Learning the ukulele

Year 6 have been lucky enough to have ukulele lessons this term. A ukulele is an instrument with only 4 strings. Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons so far and have learnt so much already. Some children have even bought their own ukuleles so that they can continue to learn at home. What have you learnt so far in ukulele sessions? Which activities have you enjoyed the most?