School Sports Council

Queen’s Park Academy now have 8 Sports Ambassadors who make up the School Sports Council. They are responsible for helping to improve P.E. and sport at our academy.

Following a primary leadership day at Harewood Academy, children across all participating schools were tasked with the challenge of creating a project that would have a positive impact on the physical activity of children at school. The judges of this competition were so impressed with the ideas from Q.P.A. pupils that they were awarded a prize of £100 worth of sports equipment. We were one of only 5 schools (out of 25 entering) to be awarded a prize. This is a fantastic achievement that all those involved should be proud of.

Key Stage Two Results

We are extremely proud of our results from 2017 that were published yesterday.

78% of our pupils achieved national standards across reading, writing and maths combined (17% higher than the national average) and 16% of our pupils achieved the ‘exceeding’ attainment level across the three subjects (double the national average). This places our academy third in the Bournemouth and Poole borough for the levels that our pupils have achieved. Progress between the end of Key Stage One and the end of Key Stage Two was in line with national expectations in Reading and above national benchmarks in writing and maths.

Whilst we performed well in all subject areas, achievement within writing, including grammar, punctuation and spelling, and maths was a particular strength, with 95% of our pupils achieving the expected standard in writing and 92% achieving the standard in maths. Further to this, an astounding 62% of last year’s Year Six pupils achieved the ‘exceeding’ level in their spelling, punctuation and grammar test.

Such achievement is the product of high quality teaching, not just in Year Six but across the academy, and, most importantly, the hard work of the children involved. Congratulations everyone!