Year 6 WW2 Propaganda Posters

Year 6 are currently learning about WW2. This week they have looked at different propaganda posters from WW2, thought about the messages that the government were trying to give the public and then created their own catchy slogans and posters.

We would love to see the posters that you have created at home Year 6. Please email a picture of your poster to so that we can create a blog post with them and comment on your designs. We look forward to you sharing them with us!

dig for victory

Kandinsky Art

The children that are attending school have been working hard and today did an art activity – they looked at the famous painting by Kandinsky – called Concentric Circles and had a go at recreating it using pencils, pastels and paint.  This is great to do at home with some colouring pens or pencils.

Have a try at home and email your pictures to and I will put them on the blog for you.

I hope you are keeping safe and well.

Best wishes, Mrs Simmons

Year Three Are Water Wise!

Year 3 had their WOW day for their ‘Flow’ topic. They completed four activities:

  • Waterwise – a special guest worked with us to gain a better understanding about the water that we use.
  • Painting – we created water paintings having been inspired by Claude Monet’s work.
  • Science – we tested the ph levels of water from different sources.
  • Music – we made water themed pieces using a range of instruments.