This week’s whole school assembly focussed on why we care so much about reading. We have had a large rise in the number of times that our children are reading each week since January, largely due to a large investment from the PTA in our Reading Bingo initiative, and wanted to explain why reading is so powerful. Here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. Reading boosts memory and reduces stress.
  2. Reading improves concentration and gives us better focus.
  3. You get to access new knowledge when you read and become smarter.
  4. Reading allows us to improve our vocabulary so that we can express ourselves more effectively.
  5. Reading gives you superpowers – no one else will imagine the story in the same way as you!

read 2


We all thoroughly enjoyed today’s assembly led by Robin Harvey, an elite gymnast specialising in trampolining. His 5 top tips provided really thought-provoking, valuable advice:

1. Find a hobby that you love and practise.

2. Work hard.

3. Have fun!

4. Be curious and always willing to learn.

5. Take the opportunities.