Ben’s NHS Head Shave

Ben has got in touch to share his effort for raising money for the NHS Charities Together. After deciding that Ben needed a hair cut, he decided that he would shave all of his hair to raise money after feeling inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 09.37.14Ben Head Shave

So far, Ben has raised over £400 since Easter Sunday – an incredible achievement!

If you would like to read more about Ben’s fundraising, follow the link below.

We all look forward to seeing how much you can raise Ben!


Yesterday, Sharon from the N.S.P.C.C. came to assembly and revealed how much money we had raised for the charity from our sponsored assault course – £1439.70! Congratulations to 4KW who were the class that raised the most in the school and thank you to everyone for their kind donations.


NSPCC fundraising

A message from Sharon from the NSPCC in response to our fundraising last term:

‘Hi this is Sharon from the NSPCC just thanking you for your support in helping your children with their sponsored fundraising, we have had a wonderful response. The money that we raise is so helpful in continuing our ‘Speak out. Stay safe’ programme and keeping vulnerable children safe. If you do have any more funds to be returned or donations that you would like to make could I please ask that they are brought into school this week in time to reveal the total to the children at their thank you assembly on the 5th March. Thank you again for your support and generosity.’



Today we welcomed 4 staff from the NSPCC to our school. As well as leading a whole school assembly about staying safe, these volunteers also provided active workshops for our Year 5 and 6 pupils. All other pupils had a special session centred around ‘Speak Out, Stay Safe’ within their classes.

Our School Council had already agreed to set up and run a huge obstacle course for the children to be sponsored to complete. We’re happy to say that every child completed this course during the day so the children can start to claim their sponsorship money before handing it in to their class teacher. All proceeds go directly to the charity.


Toy swap

Many thanks for the many donations that we have received for our charity toy swap. This event was was organised by the school council to raise money for the ‘Save the Children’ charity.

The toy shop will be visited by the children over the course of tomorrow. Each toy can be bought for £1 and all proceeds will go straight to the Save The Children charity.

We welcome further toy donations tomorrow morning!