Entrepreneurs of the future

One of our Year 6 pupils decided that the school needed new school sports kit to wear during the Town and County sports events to be held during June. Together with her friend, over £295 has been raised by handcrafting bookmarks and key rings which have been sold at various events. They have also raised money through organising cake sales.

We are really proud of the independence that these pupils have shown and of their hard work and dedication in achieving their aim. Amazing team spirit – well done girls!

New topics

Our children are really excited about their new curriculum topics. We can’t wait to see their knowledge and understanding grow within these areas this half term!

Year 3 – ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ (Science focus)

Year 4 – ‘Gods and Mortals’ (History focus)

Year 5 – ‘Hola Mexico!’ (Geography focus)

Year 6 – ‘Darwin’s Delights’ (Science and Geography focus)