Reading Game

The QPA reading game commenced today, with many classes taking their first steps onto the board. Prizes will be awarded when classes reach certain points on the board as a result of the reading that they complete during the week. Who will be first to a prize space?

reading game.png

Adventure Play Trail

We are really excited to have begun to install the new Adventure Play Trail. This matches the design selected by the school council, who organised votes in classes to determine which pieces of equipment would be installed.

Although the PTA have done an absolutely fantastic job in raising money to pay for the new equipment, we require one more financial push to get the project completed. We have therefore organised for a sponsored event to be held at school and would really appreciate the support of the community to raise the money required to allow the children back onto an area that they love to play on.


Entrepreneurs of the future

One of our Year 6 pupils decided that the school needed new school sports kit to wear during the Town and County sports events to be held during June. Together with her friend, over £295 has been raised by handcrafting bookmarks and key rings which have been sold at various events. They have also raised money through organising cake sales.

We are really proud of the independence that these pupils have shown and of their hard work and dedication in achieving their aim. Amazing team spirit – well done girls!

Seasonal hampers

The hampers made by the PTA this morning all look wonderful! Many thanks to all of our PTA members for their time and effort to create these prizes and also for their support at the discos yesterday, which continued to be well attended and enjoyed by all.

Tickets are still available for the hampers with the lucky winners being chosen at random on Monday in each class.


The 55 children who performed in the performance of Annie at The Bishop of Winchester Academy represented QPA incredibly well this week. Many thanks to the parents for supporting this collaboration, to the children for their hard work and to Mr Pickett for his leadership of the event.



Congratulations to our Year 6 netballers who yesterday achieved the feat of becoming the second best team in Bournemouth at the primary league finals.

Although losing to St. Walburga’s Primary in the final, our pupils won their semi-final match against St. James’ Academy and have made huge progress over the last year under the tutorage of Miss Tagg and Mrs Wallis. They showed true grit throughout the competition and represented our school extremely well.



Many thanks to Ms Drew for coming and talking to our School Council today about standing as a candidate for a local constituency. It was really interesting for the children to link their own election to office at QPA to national elections. Our children put themselves forwards for their positions to make a positive change and it is no different for the many candidates for office across the country, regardless of political persuasion.