Summer Fair

Our Summer Fair will be held this Saturday, 7th July from 11-2. We are allowing pupils to come to school tomorrow in Mufti in return for a donation:

Year 3 – sweet jars

Year 4 – sweet jars / sweet packets

Year 5 – bottles

Year 6 – cakes

We look forward to a fantastic event!

Summer Fair

The sun came out and shone on another highly successful Summer Fair on Saturday. Great fun was had by all with plenty of money being raised – £3800! Many thanks to everyone for their support for the event, especially to the PTA without whom it would not have happened.

Summer Fair

The Summer Fair is being held at QPA this Saturday from 11:00 – 14:00. There will be plenty to entertain the whole family and what other chance will you get to throw a sponge at a teacher?! Tomorrow will be mufti at school in return for the relevant donation towards the fair.