Geography WOW

Year 4 had a WOW day for their new ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ topic yesterday. Alongside hearing from a special visitor who had experienced Everest first hand, the children completed an art project and orienteered their way around the school using a scaled map.


Hengistbury Head

Year 6 had glorious weather for their trip to Hengistbury Head today. They investigated coastal defences and features, as well as plotting the geography of the local Bournemouth area, considering wildlife and habitats within the park and learning some additional history relating to their evolution topic.


Hola Mexico!

Year 5 held their WOW day today for their ‘Hola Mexico!’ topic. As well as a Latin American inspired ‘Mathsico’ session, the pupils created their own decorative skull, in keeping with the ‘Day of the dead’ celebrations, and sampled a range of Mexican food. Many thanks to Mrs Powell for her hard work in preparing the feast of enchiladas, tortillas, salsa, guacamole and churros.

New topics

Our children are really excited about their new curriculum topics. We can’t wait to see their knowledge and understanding grow within these areas this half term!

Year 3 – ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ (Science focus)

Year 4 – ‘Gods and Mortals’ (History focus)

Year 5 – ‘Hola Mexico!’ (Geography focus)

Year 6 – ‘Darwin’s Delights’ (Science and Geography focus)