Year 4 WOW!

There were Greeks galore today in Year 4 as the children roared in their new topic ‘Gods and Mortals’, centred around Ancient Greece. As well as making their own olive leaf wreaths, the children rewound time through participating in an Olympic Games and prepared themselves for battle…


Egyptians WOW day

Year 5 went back in time to Ancient Egypt yesterday. Adults and children immersed themselves in the past by dressing up and taking part in a wide variety of activities, including a performance from a visiting theatre company with an associated workshop and creating a sarcophagus.

Year 5 Adventures

Year 5 have been writing adventure stories based on their topics of Ancient Egypt. Here is an impressive paragraph from a pupil in 5AP:

Heaving with every ounce of strength in my bones, I rolled the sturdy rock aside. Dazzling light dawned through the ancient Egyptian monument. A grin widened across my face as I set foot within this extraordinary construction, erected thousands of years ago. Caution in every step, my heart raced with fear that slowly overwhelmed my soul. Groaning came from within the historic establishment. As I advanced attentively, I stared in wonder at the horror of the statues before me.