Year 4 Poetry Challenge

Year 4 have been challenged to write poems about a Viking. Mr Fidge wrote the poem below about a gardener and challenged the Year 4 pupils to use the same pattern. Can you see the pattern in each line?
I wonder who will be the first to post their poem in the comments? I wonder if anyone can write two different poems using the same pattern?
untitledy4 poetry blog

Year 6 WW2 Propaganda Posters

Year 6 are currently learning about WW2. This week they have looked at different propaganda posters from WW2, thought about the messages that the government were trying to give the public and then created their own catchy slogans and posters.

We would love to see the posters that you have created at home Year 6. Please email a picture of your poster to so that we can create a blog post with them and comment on your designs. We look forward to you sharing them with us!

dig for victory

Year 4 Viking Ship update


Mrs Simmons here! We are having problems letting you post pictures in the comments. If you email them to the school email – I will create a blog post with them all in. I hope you are all keeping safe. We miss you, but hope to see you all as soon as we can.

Project Viking Long Ship

In Year 4, we are busy designing our own Viking long ships at home. We are paying close attention to the stern, the prow, the sail and the oars. When we have finished our work, we are going to post photos of it here so we can see what all our friends have been doing too.

I wonder what feedback we can give each other? Something we have done well? An area for improvement? The Year 4 teachers can’t wait to see what your Viking Long ships all look like!

Year 4 WOW!

There were Greeks galore today in Year 4 as the children roared in their new topic ‘Gods and Mortals’, centred around Ancient Greece. As well as making their own olive leaf wreaths, the children rewound time through participating in an Olympic Games and prepared themselves for battle…