Ancient Greece

The Year 4 WOW day for the ‘Gods and Mortals’ topic went very well on Monday with the children being immersed into the world of the Ancient Greeks. Some amazing costumes were on show, both from the adults and the children!

New topics

Our children are really excited about their new curriculum topics. We can’t wait to see their knowledge and understanding grow within these areas this half term!

Year 3 – ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ (Science focus)

Year 4 – ‘Gods and Mortals’ (History focus)

Year 5 – ‘Hola Mexico!’ (Geography focus)

Year 6 – ‘Darwin’s Delights’ (Science and Geography focus)

I am Warrior!

Today’s Year 3 WOW day went extremely well. The pupils learned a lot about life in Celtic and Roman Britain, culminating in the re-enactment of a story from the period. We had an impressive range of costumes and outfits on show. One even contained the Latin translation of ‘High Expectations Lead to High Achievers’!