Viking Poem

Thank you to Connor in 4S for his fantastic Viking poem that he has created!

The Vikings golden shield sparkled as bright as the sun.
His thick, woolly sheep skin shawl was as soft as silk.
The tough, mighty Viking was ready for battle.
Violently charging towards his enemy.
As his tribe attacked as fiercely as a pack of wolves.
The enemy immediately retreated back to their village.
They all cheered, danced and shouted, “We’ve WON!!”
Well done Connor!


Thank you to Ethan who has shared his Lego sorting invention – what a fantastic idea! Ethan has also shared with us his Last Supper drawing as well a creation from his online drawing class, Harptoons. Well done for all of your hard work!

ETHAN CRAIN - Lego sorter 50000 invention

Reading Game

The QPA reading game commenced today, with many classes taking their first steps onto the board. Prizes will be awarded when classes reach certain points on the board as a result of the reading that they complete during the week. Who will be first to a prize space?

reading game.png

World Book Day

We are all very excited about World Book Day tomorrow. We will have a theatre company coming into school who will put on a show for all pupils and also run workshops for Year 6 about the technicalities of production. Children will also participate in literary themed learning throughout the day, which will include working with pupils in other year groups.

Pupils (and teachers!) are welcome to come to school in book themed fancy dress or in pyjamas.

Book Bus

Tomorrow a book bus will be visiting the school, offering the pupils the opportunity to purchase a book from a wide range of titles across different genres of literature. If you would like your child to buy a book, then please send them in with some money in a named envelope. Books start from £3.