Bird Watching

Harvey and his mum went for a walk by the river last week, he took his notebook and pen and wrote down all of the birds that they saw on that one walk. He then created a graph of his finding. They saw a total of 9 different birds – an amazing array of wildlife on just one walk! Thank you for sharing this with us Harvey, well done!

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 09.31.13

Year 3 3D Shapes

In Year 3 today, the children have been learning to construct different 3D shapes using midget gems and cocktail sticks. The children were using these models to help them to identify the faces, edges and vertices of a range of 3D shapes – it was great!

Year 5 ‘WOW!’

Year 5 held their ‘WOW!’ day today. As well as creating some ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired artwork, the children sampled some food from a Mexican banquet and had a ‘Mathsico!’ interactive performance from a special visitor!


Maths Drop In

During tomorrow’s Parents’ Evening Mrs Maund will be available in the library to demonstrate how maths is delivered at QPA. Handouts will be available to show how we set out our calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as additional information about problem solving. Resources that are used with the children will also be available.

Maths displays

Our maths displays have been updated to reflect the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme being followed within lessons. There is a lot of emphasis on accurate use of mathematical vocabulary and of reasoning skills within maths, for example being able to show answers in several different ways.

Thought of the week

This week’s thought of the week was supported  by Mrs Wilson’s assembly about Alan Turing – one of the century’s most impressive mathematicians. 

“Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”