Year 4 Djembe Drumming

The children in Year 4 have started to learn how to play the Djembe drums this half term. They have been learning the basic skills of how to place their hand correctly in the drum and how to move their arms.

The children will be learning this skill for the next few weeks, using different sized drums to expand their knowledge and skills with this instrument.

Even though this is their first week, the children have been very enthusiastic with their learning and they sound fantastic!


This afternoon’s Ukulele performance from our Year 6 pupils went extremely well. Many thanks to the parents for their support and encouragement and to Mr Palmer who led the learning in this area.


Y4 Drumming

Congratulations to all of our Year 4 performers for their wonderful drum recital today. Many thanks to Cheik for all of his hard work in preparing the children to put on the show and to the pupils for their hard work practising!



Year 6 began learning how to play the ukulele today with Mr Palmer from Soundstorm. This unit will run during the next half term, culminating in a year group performance.


Year 3 WOW day

Year 3 enjoyed a wide variety of experiences related to their ‘Flow’ topic about rivers and water today. They were introduced to the water cycle, created river themed music using a pentatonic scale and painted pictures in an impressionist style, using Monet’s work as inspiration. The children also attended a ‘Water Wise’ session led by a visiting expert, where they learned about cleaning and testing water.



Year 4 and Year 5 have both started their instrumental music lessons today with visiting music specialists. In Year 4, all pupils are learning to play djembes. Pupils in Year 5 are beginning their recorder lessons.