Summer Fair

Last Friday’s Summer Fair was fantastic! We had a huge number of people attending from our school community. The events held all went smoothly and allowed us to raise over £3000 for the school. Many thanks to everyone for the support, particularly to our amazing PTA team who worked tirelessly to enable us to all have such a wonderful time!


Nearly there…

The new adventure play trail is nearly ready to be reopened following additional work this week. We are now only waiting for one bridge to be installed and new safety bark to be laid before the grand re-opening on Monday 24th June. Many thanks to everyone for their kind donations towards this equipment through the sponsored maths challenge.


Maths Challenge

Our Maths Challenge is well under way, with the children puzzling their way around the bases set. Please can all sponsorship money be brought into school before we close for the half term break, next Friday 24th May. All donations will contribute to the completion of the new adventure play trail.

Adventure Play Trail

We are really excited to have begun to install the new Adventure Play Trail. This matches the design selected by the school council, who organised votes in classes to determine which pieces of equipment would be installed.

Although the PTA have done an absolutely fantastic job in raising money to pay for the new equipment, we require one more financial push to get the project completed. We have therefore organised for a sponsored event to be held at school and would really appreciate the support of the community to raise the money required to allow the children back onto an area that they love to play on.


Seasonal hampers

The hampers made by the PTA this morning all look wonderful! Many thanks to all of our PTA members for their time and effort to create these prizes and also for their support at the discos yesterday, which continued to be well attended and enjoyed by all.

Tickets are still available for the hampers with the lucky winners being chosen at random on Monday in each class.

Christmas hampers

Our PTA have done an amazing job of preparing the Christmas hampers this morning. Each class have two hampers to win. Raffle tickets were distributed last week and the draw for the hampers will be held on Monday in each class. All proceeds go towards resourcing for our school.



Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Queen’s Park Academy Association AGM will now be held next Monday, 8th October. This parent and teacher group supports the school immensely and has enabled developments to resources and facilities that would not have been possible without its amazing work.

This year we are looking to expand the group and warmly welcome new members to join. We are able to facilitate childcare for next Monday for the duration of the meeting.

Summer Fair

Our Summer Fair will be held this Saturday, 7th July from 11-2. We are allowing pupils to come to school tomorrow in Mufti in return for a donation:

Year 3 – sweet jars

Year 4 – sweet jars / sweet packets

Year 5 – bottles

Year 6 – cakes

We look forward to a fantastic event!