The Book Fairies Strike Again

Today, we had a lovely surprise delivery from The Book Fairies. We now have a copy of the ‘Shoe Wars’ by Liz Pichon to add to our library collection for the children to enjoy. Thank you so much to our book fairy!

Read the blurb and see whether you might like to read it…

One vile villain. Two courageous children. The gadget- packed shoes of your EPIC dreams. Welcome to Shoe Town, where Wendy Wedge runs the show. She’ll do ANYTHING to win the glitzy Golden Shoe Award and knows that entering flying shoes is her hot ticket to the trophy. Flying shoes that brother and sister Bear and Ruby Foot just HAPPEN to be hiding… This can only mean one thing.


Reading Recommendations

This week’s Celebration assembly was the first time we shared some of our book recommendations. Mrs Rowe recommends Harry Potter and Mrs Williams recommends Jack Stalwart: Secret Agent. We also have recommendations from Megan in Y6 and Farshtia in Y5:

The Book Fairy.

The Book Fairy has delivered a very special gift to QPA. The Hold Still book arrived with a letter from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, explaining all about this magnificent gift. Inside, it contains a range of amazing pictures showing life through lockdown.

Get Ready to Read!

Books, books and more books filled the hall today. All the books from across the school have been gathered together so that they can be banded, checked and redistributed across the classes. Have fun reading, everybody!

A Question For Year 4…

On Monday, Year 4’s home learning asked them to think of a question based upon their reading. Joe in 4S has a question for you all:

What was the prize for the winning raft team?

Can anybody find the answer? Write it in the comments if you know!


There were literally hundreds of certificates to award this morning in Celebration Assembly: house star certificates, pen licences, reading awards, character awards, Reading Plus certificates, Attendance awards…


Reading Game

The QPA reading game commenced today, with many classes taking their first steps onto the board. Prizes will be awarded when classes reach certain points on the board as a result of the reading that they complete during the week. Who will be first to a prize space?

reading game.png

Book Bus

Tomorrow a book bus will be visiting the school, offering the pupils the opportunity to purchase a book from a wide range of titles across different genres of literature. If you would like your child to buy a book, then please send them in with some money in a named envelope. Books start from £3.