Carey Camp

The Year 4 pupils had a wonderful time at Carey Camp this week. They showed a wide range of character traits, particularly inter-dependence and courage. We are sure that they will sleep well tonight!



Gymnastic performance

Year 5 enjoyed their trip to B.S.G. today where they viewed a gymnastic show. Comments from the pupils were very positive on their return: ‘jaw-dropping’, ‘spectacular’, ‘dynamic’, ‘they showed grit when they fell over a couple of times’, ‘eye-catching’, dazzling outfits’, ‘ridiculously good’.

A night in the museum…

5B had a wonderful overnight stay at the Novium museum in Chichester, all thanks to Ella who won a writing competition on the subject of star gazers and a dream space job. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“When all the lights were turned off and we were searching for clues with torches it was really fun. We went to all the different parts of the museum and solved the mystery that they set us… we did lots of other fun activities, like building rockets, before we went to sleep and before we had our breakfast. The midnight snack was great and we felt really special. I’m glad I entered the competition!”