Tank Museum

On Friday the Year 6 pupils visited the Tank Museum in relation to their World War II topic. As well as viewing a variety of tanks and visiting the trenches experience, pupils also participated in workshops about the Blitz, the home front, evacuationĀ and D-day.

Air museum

Two of our Year Three classes took a trip today to the Bournemouth Aviation Museum. As well as taking in a wide variety of aircraft, the children also received a wave from an active pilot taxiing at Bournemouth airport! Mighty metals indeed!


All the pupils who went to PGL last week had a fantastic time and demonstrated positive characteristics throughout: interdependence, trust, courage, compassion and grit, to name but a few.


Just one more day left at PGL for the Year 6s! They have been having a magnificent time in the splendid weather, taking part in a huge range of activities: kayaking, rifle shooting, archery, fencing, zip lines, climbing…