The Heeby Jeeby by Adam

Today, one of our Year 3 children shared an amazing story that they had written at home. He was thrilled at the prospect of being an author for his very own book. Look at the great vocabulary choices that he has used in his very amusing first ever book! Well done Adam.

Here is a snippet of Adam’s story

Chapter 1

“Hello Cookie,” I said. I stroked her and then I thought I was in another planet (it was actually the attic). “It’s so dusty in here.”

Chapter 2

When I found an exit, I saw a sign that said, “Beware! Danger approaching.” Suddenly, a crocodile snapped at my leg and lured me into a weird room with a lot of stuff in it (the garage).

Display Writing.

It has been lovely to walk around the school this week, to see all of the displays in our corridors being changed. These displays show some very high-quality examples of writing. Here is a picture of one of the display boards in the Year 4 corridor so everybody at home can see your wonderful work.

Bonnie’s Story

“5,6,7,8,9…” called Beth’s voice from outside. Amy was playing Hide and Seek, her 6-year old sister had suggested it. The Clifton’s house was huge since Amy’s father had sold that expensive crown they found in the attic at their old house. “10!” shouted Beth. Amy jumped into the laundry basket, shoving clothes on top of her. Strangely, the basket seemed bigger on the inside than on the outside. She dived down: now she knew this wasn’t a normal laundry basket. The basket turned into a large room full of jewels. Then, Amy noticed something crazy. A fat, ginger man was sitting on a huge, red throne in the middle of the room. It could only be one person – Henry VIII. She was sure of it! At school, her class had had a whole topic on it. Henry VIII: the ginger man who ate too much and became fat. But it was not possible! She walked over to one of the servants who was carrying grapes over to the king.

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