The corridors are full of amazing writing based around the topics that the children are studying. Beautiful handwriting, exciting language and exceptional accuracy!


Year 5 Adventures

Year 5 have been writing adventure stories based on their topics of Ancient Egypt. Here is an impressive paragraph from a pupil in 5AP:

Heaving with every ounce of strength in my bones, I rolled the sturdy rock aside. Dazzling light dawned through the ancient Egyptian monument. A grin widened across my face as I set foot within this extraordinary construction, erected thousands of years ago. Caution in every step, my heart raced with fear that slowly overwhelmed my soul. Groaning came from within the historic establishment. As I advanced attentively, I stared in wonder at the horror of the statues before me.

Diary writing

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to discover a previously unknown tomb from the days of Ancient Egypt? Year 5’s wonderful display writing takes you straight into the shoes of an intrepid explorer in that exact position!