Year 3 Ancient Egyptians

Today, Year 3 have learned just how gruesome the Ancient Egyptians were. They have had the opportunity to experience the process of mummification and created their own mummified tomatoes.

The children will be observing what happens to the tomatoes over the coming weeks to gain a better understanding of the mummification process.

QPA Sports Day

Although our Sports Day this year is very different to what we had planned and hoped for, the children have thoroughly enjoyed competing in houses to earn house points and potentially the highly regarded House Cup.

A range of events were set up in the playground for the children to apply the different skills that they have learned throughout the year in P.E lessons.

All children participated showing respect and sportsmanship to one another. Well done to everyone for your enthusiasm and encouragement towards each other.

Keep an eye out on the blog as we will be posting all the results here.

The Heeby Jeeby by Adam

Today, one of our Year 3 children shared an amazing story that they had written at home. He was thrilled at the prospect of being an author for his very own book. Look at the great vocabulary choices that he has used in his very amusing first ever book! Well done Adam.

Here is a snippet of Adam’s story

Chapter 1

“Hello Cookie,” I said. I stroked her and then I thought I was in another planet (it was actually the attic). “It’s so dusty in here.”

Chapter 2

When I found an exit, I saw a sign that said, “Beware! Danger approaching.” Suddenly, a crocodile snapped at my leg and lured me into a weird room with a lot of stuff in it (the garage).


Year 3 have had a very enjoyable day learning about all things scrumptious! After reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children designed their own chocolate room and had the opportunity to taste chocolate. The children especially enjoyed designing and creating their own delicious crispy cakes. We hope that you enjoy these at home.

Return of after school clubs

A small step towards the normal running of school happened today with letters going out to parents of Year 3 children about after school clubs. We are starting with Year 3 children this term and monitoring how this goes. Hopefully, we will see the return of after school clubs for more of our year groups soon.

Year 3 Wow Day

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Wow day today, linked to their topic ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’. The highlight was decorating their own vests to show the digestive system and then creating ‘poo’ in the classroom!

Sports Relief 2020

Today the children have taken part in a range of sporting activities to raise money for Sports Relief 2020. The money will support people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world. Year 6 Sports Ambassadors, Mrs Welch and Mr Stroud organised a carousel of sports activities ranging from the traditional egg and spoon race to hockey. The children thoroughly enjoyed there sessions and showed great sportsmanship.