We are all incredibly proud of our Year Six children so far this week during their testing. They have shown real depth of character throughout the tests that they have undertaken: mindfulness, discernment and courage to name three. Tomorrow the focus turns to Maths and we are sure that the pupils will continue their efforts and do themselves proud.

Home Learning

There was so much magnificent home learning that came back to school after the holidays that we could hardly squeeze it onto our display spaces. We really appreciate the time and effort that went into these pieces.

Tank Museum

Year 6 were immersed in the world of tanks today during their trip to the tank museum. Along with viewing the huge variety of tanks present, the children also took part in different workshops and even had a go at building some tanks of their own!

Anime work

Some excellent work creating Anime characters both inside and outside of school this week. Connor’s has been particularly impressive, I’m not sure quite sure of the emotion of this character though!